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Batch Furnace

- offer - [12.12.2016]
Batch Furnace Electrically heated batch furnaces Batch Roller Hearth chamber versions. Bogie Hearth Lift Off Furnace lift-off type furnaces Mesh Belt Furnaces Belt furnaces Pit Furnace pit furnaces for heat treatment Pusher Furnace pusher furnaces Roller Hearth Roller Hearth Rotary Hearth Furnace Industrial-ovens Chamber furnaces Continuous furnaces Furnaces with hinged lid Bogie hearth furnaces Batch type furnaces Special furnaces Tempering furnaces Batch Furnaces Drop Bottom Furnaces Tip Up Furnaces Car And Mobile Annealing Furnaces Aerospace Retort Furnaces Normalizing Hardening Tempering Stress Relieving Isothermal Annealing Sub Critical Annealing Solution Annealing Precipitation Hardening Solution Treatment Ageing Shotblasting Alloy Steels Carbon Steels Austenitic Stainless Steel Martensitic Stainless Steel Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel Cast Iron SG Iron Cast Steel Aluminium Bronze Chrome Copper Cupro Nickel Nickel Aluminium Bronze Heat Treatment Many different types of furnaces are required to suit the great multitude of heat treatment and reheating processes in use today - hardening, homogenising, annealing, stress relieving, carburising, sintering, tempering, reheating. Applications include Hardening Homogenising Annealing Stress Relieving Carburising Sintering Tempering Reheating Lift off cover Hydraulic Hearth Bogie Hearth Roller HearthEnamelling Furnaces Hardening Furnaces Tempering Furnaces Annealing Furnaces Normalising Drying Lead BathInert Atmospheres Jet Stream Batch Furnace static or moveable hearth Pit Furnaces Mesh Belt Furnaces Slot Forge Furnaces Muffle Furnaces Hardening Roller Hearth Furnace. The system automatically loads steel plates of various sizes, heats to 1060°C, extracts the hot plate, places it in a quench press and finally stacks the fully treated plate ready for the next process. Vertical Heat Treatment Furnace. Used for hardening and tempering. Investment Casting The furnace is used for the investment casting process and has a maximum temperature of 1150oC. Its Alluminium Heat Treatment This furnace is for heat treatment of aluminium cylinder heads and cylinder blocks. The temperature range is 500°c to 550°c and the temperature uniformity must be kept within plus or minus 5° Batch This small batch furnace is used for tempering very high grade nickle chrome bars which are loaded in batches. The furnace can operate anywhere within the range 480°c to 1150°c. A large Lift Off Cover furnace used for very precise heat treatment of large cast steel rolls. Rotary Hearth Furnace Bogie Hearth Mould Burnout Reheat Furnaces Forge Furnace that serves a 900 tonne press. It is fired by three pairs of low nox regenerative gas burners, has a full set of controls including inverter driven combustion air and exhaust fans plus electronic ratio control for the burners. The furnace is 7 mtrs w x 5 mtrs deep and will hold 70 tonnes of large steel ingots. Preheating Furnace used to preheat tubes before coating in preservative. Roller Hearth Roller Hearth Furnace used for hardening steel slabs. Roller Hearth UTERNEUROPE *uterna.lt/en
Name: Laaaimis
Mail: salesuterna.lt
Phone no.: 2147483647

Locality: West Sussex
Price: 1 000 GBP / 909 .09 EUR
You are viewing advert: Batch Furnace

Batch Furnace

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